Entzaubert callout 2010


Es geht um das nächste Queer-feministische und unkommerzielle Fimfestival „Entzaubert“.
Das wird vom 24.-27.6.2010 auf dem Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal stattfinden.
Und die Organisator_innen suchen Filme für dieses Festival.
Einsendeschluss: 24.4.2010

Website – contact: entzaubert[at]riseup.net



entzaubert is a radical queer d.i.y. film festival happening June 24th-27th 2010 at the queer wagenplatz schwarzer kanal in Berlin.
We will create a space for queer/feminist DIY cinema – you provide the films!
We are looking for films within or beyond these categories:
arty, punky, no-borders, anarchic, documentaries, porn, trashy, experimental, feminist, funny, serious, low-budget, no-budget, music,
quality, concise, international, homo-socialist, homosexualist, revolutionary, polyamourous, monogamous, lazy, tranny-dyky, faggy,
old, brand-new, provocative, difficult, hot …

we welcome films in any language – multiple language/subtitles are always appreciated. if that’s not possible, don’t worry!

download submission
To read the full callout 2010

deadline: April 24th 2010

contact: entzaubert[at]riseup.net

/ / / / WORKSHOPS / / / /

up for sharing your skills?
need a reason to make your first film?
we plan to organize a couple of workshops during the festival.
we would like you to prepare, moderate or host them – or simply share equipment…
This might be filming, editing, directing, subtitling, writing, costumes, make-up, acting, light/sound/camera as well as discussions.
Just write us an email with your ideas.

/ / / / ABOUT ENTZAUBERT / / / /

entzaubert is non-commercial, entry to all screenings is by donation.

we support the idea of copyleft and creative commons.

entzaubert offers a platform for movies, films, documentaries that might not get screened in mainstream commercial festivals.

entzaubert is a radical queer festival.

We think that queer is about living your life in a political way which challenges gender and power structures.

We think that fucking with gender normativity, abolishing borders and fighting for migrants’ and workers’ rights are all part of one struggle.

The capitalist system is based on social inequality. So for us opposing capitalism is fundamental to the fight against transphobia, homophobia and sexism as well as racism, fascism and militarism.


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  1. 1 entzaubert 31. Mai 2010 um 15:00 Uhr

    danke für den artikel… bitte beachten/verbessern: das festival ist am 1.-4. Juli 2010!!!!! merci :)

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