Queertopia festival / Anarchafeministisches Sommercamp

22-25 July (the camping site opens already on the 20th of july), Norberg, Sweden, 2 hours busride from Stockholm

busride from Stockholm) the 22-25th of july and will be like a queerfeminist, activist and revolutionary version of Woodstock (and just as historical) with music, workshops, performances and an army of over 2 000 loving, caring, sharing queers in all of the colors of the rainbow. The festival is not-for-profit and all eventual proceeds will go to organizations working for LGBT-peoples rights in countries where homosexuality is illegal. Chicks on Speed, Yo Majesty and Näd Mika are coming and so are you =). Check out the webpage at www.queertopiafestivalen.se/english for more info!

oder :

Anarchafeministisches Sommercamp vom 22. bis 25. Juli 2010 (Do-So) bei Alsfeld/Hessen

Anmeldung bis 1. Juli 2010 und Info über afems60 [at] yahoo [dot] de
sowie unter www.anarchismus.de