House painted during unARTig Festival

unARTig Festival

Nach dem Liebig34 ART‘N‘MUSIC FEST dieses Wochenende ist die Fassade des Hauses neu gestaltet. Artikel auf dem Infoladen Blog

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  1. 1 ella 02. April 2012 um 20:39 Uhr

    hi! me and my friend had really wanted to come and visit your house for five nights, if it could be possible?
    we have heard of the collective from my friend emmas, sister that lived in the house for three years i think. im embarassed that i dont know her name, but she said that it may be possible to come and visit for some nights.
    we arrive to berlin at 22 april and go back to sweden at the 28 april. i know that my english grammer isnt the best, but i hope you will understand!! :) i hope we meet!
    huges, ella and ellen (i know that the name is alike, but its our namnes, promise!)

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