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Rock ‚n‘ Roll on the loose! vol. 4 – Soliparty


„Rock ‚n‘ Roll on the loose!“

Die legendäre Rock‘n'Roll-Soliparty Vol. 4,
dieses Mal wegen Repressionskosten.

Starring Rock‘n'Roll, Rockabilly, Oldies 50s, Psychobilly.

Mit leckeren veganen Milkshakes, Longdrinks, Shots und Videos from the fabolous 50s.

Dress up 50s.

Strictly Antisexist!

News from Poland – Brot statt Spiele! Demo in Poznan, 10th June

In June and July 2012, Poland (as one of two countries) is going to host Euro2012, the European Football Championship.

Polish local communities and activists from various groups are mobilising for a protest against anti-social policies of the city and state, lack of public consultation and the emphasis put by Polish government on the organization of football games EURO 2012, „Bread instead of games!“, on 10th of June at 14:00 in Poznan, West Poland, where the first football match is going to take place.