Resist Festival II – Warsaw


Second edition of Resist Festival, which we had a pleasure to visit last year, will take place on 6-7th of April 2013 in Warsaw.

If you wanna spend a „political weekend“, meet local activists, don‘t hesitate and join! Some of us will be travelling there, if you want to go in a group.

More info ca be found here and below a short Resist manifest:

By setting up Resist Festival / Festival Oporu we want to present resistance strategies of different social movements against oppresive authority. First of all, this is resistance addressed to hierarchical structures of any authority, patriarchy and authoritarianism on every level. Starting from our circles, DIY culture, hc/punk scene through small enterprises and big corporations until inter- and nongovernmental organisations, courts and parliaments.

We want to show that the resistance is possible and necessary. That free society is impossible without resistance and disobedience.

Our priority is to exhibit grassroot initiatives united in common resistance against customs and culture oppression. Resistance against state oppression policy towards minorities such as transsexuals, imigrants, homeless people or prostitutes.

The Festival is an evidence that resistance of social movements such as labour unions, LGBTQ circles, ecologists, feminists or tenants is everyone’s resistance. Resistance is the way to build the society free from violence, sexism, chauvinism, discrimination and authoritarianism. We talk about society based on cooperation not competition, on people not profits, on environmental protection not degradation, on mutual assistance not exploitation, on freedom without fear not state-church slavery and finally on self-organization and co-responsibility. Things which are not empty cliches, but real actions.

The idea of the Festival is that every action presented should have political character. Our ethical, social or cultural decisions are political.