Archiv für Juni 2014

Lange Nacht der Rigaerstrasse!

We are happy to invite you all to an amazing Rigaerstrasse fiesta!

14th of June is the day to visit Liebig34, Rigaer94 and Rigaer78 house-projects. Detailed info for each pojects‘ programme you will find on stressfaktor and when it comes to our house, here it goes:

Friday 13.06.
20:00 @ XB Info event about house-projects history and gentrification
21:30 @ L34 Yard Concert – Bad Cat [hip-hop]

Saturday 14.06.
14:00 @ L34 Yard:
Silk-print workshop
Hair style salon
Bike workshop

16:00 @ L34 SportsRoom Bikesexual Workshop

19:00 @ L34 Yard Concert:

nervöus [hardcore/screamo]
Respect My Fist [grrrl punk]

23:00 @ XB TeknoParty