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Walpurgisnacht Festival @ Kopi


Noc Walpurgii Fest – Anti-sexist Anarcha-feminist Anti-homophobic Girl-punk

20th year anniversary!

14:00 Uhr Workshops and more
D.I.Y. Distros/Info stands, A-Fem Zine release, Vokü/vegan food + cakes

14.00-16.30 In Our Hands: Community Accountability for Sexual Violence
16.30 – 18.00 Vitrino Dinamita „A room for free Anarka-Feminist thinking“
18.00. – 19.00 Lecture: Feminismo Periférico

19:00 Uhr Konzert im Koma F
„The Smudjas“ (HC, Italy)
„Levitations“ (Punk, Berlin)
„Totenwald“ (Dark/Goth Punk, Berlin)
„Vida Podrida“ (Rawpunk, Berlin)
„Lady Lazy“ (Feminist Hip-Hop, Berlin)

23:00 Uhr Konzert im AGH

„Anti-Corpos“ (Lesbian Feminist HC, Brazil)
„Zex“ (Punk’82, Canada)
„Pochwalone“ (Folk Punk, Poland)

aaaaand a small but fun, Liebig34 soli bar! :)

Liebig painting open call!


We would like to invite all painters, street artists and other graphic art creators to get in touch with us to help us beautify our completely white hallway…

After a fire in the house in autumn, the hallway has been renovated and we were left with totally boring, way too clean and white hallway, which is just waiting for some brilliant artwork – and it could be yours!

This part of the house is also the entrance to the notorious XB bar, so it won‘t be only the habitants of L34 admiring your work ;)

We definitely prefer feminist, female / queer artists to participate and we will give priority to those, but we welcome any gender!


During the event, we will provide food, drinks and collect donations for your expenses (we can discuss all the details via e-mail). We would like it to be a public event, so people can watch you while you‘re painting. If you do any kind of performance / live painting, the better and more exciting!

We plan the event to take place in the first week of May, but if you can‘t make it then, there’s still the possibility to come other time, if you want to add your artwork to our entrance.

We have a lot of space here, which we would love to cover with something meaningfull and nice to look at. If you would like to participate, simply send us an e-mail with your idea or even ready project, informations what you need etc.

We‘re looking forward to hear from you!

Liebig34 Collective