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Liebig 34 Verteidigen DEMO

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The Liebig34 is a self-organized, anarcha-queer-feminist house project in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The house was occupied in 1990 and later legalized. This contract expires in December 2018 and and we are not being given an extension: the owner, Gijora Padovicz, wants to clear the house, renovate it and rent it out again for maximum profit. Padovicz is known in Berlin for systematically buying up, clearing and destroying houses and residential projects. (mehr…)

Kundgebung against Rape Culture, Sunday 26 august / 2pm Liebigstr. 34

2.00pm – Introduction
2.30pm – Statements
3.30pm – Awareness Workshop//Self-defense Workshop
5.30pm – Accountability Workshop//Wendo Workshop
8.00pm – Küfa
9.00pm – Cinema ‚Gulabi Gang‘

Queer Feminist Soliparty for Liebig 34, 1.9 Raumerweiterungshalle

Kundgebung against Rape Culture

Sunday 26 august / 2pm
Liebig 34

Rape Culture can be summarized as a set of practices and fundamental beliefs that are passed along from generation to generation, which enshrine toxic masculine behavior designed to create the illusion that anything remotely feminine is inferior to its dominant macho counterpart.

Rape Culture is a set of dogmatic principles that institutes that cis men are entitled to anything they want to acquire and that their ´ownership´ implies neglecting consent, commenting, looking down on and ultimately possessing bodies and disrupting minds, with zero consequence and no regrets. (mehr…)

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