Police State: surveillance, repression and totalitarian practices. In support of Rigaer 94 and against the eviction of Liebig 34. Kufa 7pm / Film 8pm

Sunday 2 ‚Citizen Four‘/ L. Poitras / 2014 / 114min (USA)
An account on the meetings with Edward Snowden as he hands over
classified documents providing evidence of mass indiscriminate, illegal
and systematic governmental control and surveillance.

Sunday 9
‚Operation Condor‘ / R. Mader / 2007 / 103min

Operation Condor was a United States–backed campaign of political
repression and state terror during the 70’s whose objective was the
overthrow of all left wing movements of South America with massive
killings and disappearances of political militants to implement
right-wing dictatorships and economical programs aimed at installing neo
liberal policies which have destroyed the region.
Is history repeating itself?

INFOEVENT: ‚The situation of the massive state persecution of Chilean
government against native populations‘. Short films about the current
situation in Chile, Brasil and Argentina.

Sunday 16
‚Hamburger Gitter‘ Heinig & Maurer / 2018 / 80min (Germany)
An account of the State repression against the protests over the G20 in
Hamburg. Is the method employed by the German State to suffocate all
protest a disproportionate isolated event or the beginning of a state
policy regarding systematic State repression?
With the kind presence of part of the filming collective.

Sunday 23 ‚The minds of men‘ A&M Dykes / 2018 / 220min (USA)
An account of the totalitarian clandestine programs of social
engineering and mind control begun by the Usa government and developed
by the military and CIA during the Cold War. A chronicle of experiments
through time and across unwilling populations to create tactics and
technologies to control and dominate the minds of men; and the
implications for brainwashing, indoctrination, and re-education
continuing today.