Küfa & Film über die Liebig 34 „Indoor“

31. 1. 2019, 7pm
Indoor is a short first person Point-Of-View documentation of the 28-year-old self-organised, anarcha -queer feminist house-project Liebig34 in Berlin. The film deviates from the common documentary formats. Instead, it opts for a short film, guiding the viewers through a journey to an alternative space.
Through the eyes of a person walking around the house, the viewers get to experience the vibrant life within Liebig34. They accompany the person as she walks through the rooms and staircases and drawn into the stories and scenes happening around the house. The journey gets artistic, emotional, political and erotic. Liebig34 faces eviction danger later this year, like 30 other project houses who were evicted in the last decade in Berlin. This film seeks to raise awareness to the disappearance of such alternative spaces in the face of gentrification. english with german sub