speech 8. march

8th of March, the international Womens day.

We are here today, on the 8th of March, to bring our fights to the street.
And as much as we are happy to take the streets together to make our fights visible,
one day is not the measure of our resistance, when Patriarchy is oppressing us historically and systematically every day.

This is not a single celebratory day of fighting.
Every day is a fighting day for women* and queers against patriarchal oppression
Every day women, queer, trans people are oppressed, raped, abused and discriminated against.
Every day patriarchy gives us a reason to be angry.

Feminism is not something we celebrate on this single date
and it’s not just the glitter on our fancy queer parties,
but a strong self-organized form of solidarity ….and a commitment of resistance against oppression.

We are a queer feminist house project in danger of eviction
and we can feel very day what it means to be forced into a daily fight for our existence,
a fight with no guarantee to win.

The eviction lawsuit is here… But we are also still here.
Because feminism means to decide autonomously: About our bodies, our identities, our lives and our spaces.
For us feminist emancipation is only possible with radical and autonomous action:
it cannot be achieved by small concessions from State to a society whose only end is to pacify us.

The state of Berlin has made the 8th of March an official holiday.
It is the same state of Berlin that will send their cops to repress and evict us, the only self-organized feminist house project in this city.

Right now two cis men are negotiating about our future.
The city council for housing Florian Schmidt is sitting together with the owner Gijora Padovicz.
So what do we have?

A man who owns nearly half of Friedrichshain and a politician searching for some prestige.
Two cis-guys in power positions negotiating about the future of a feminist house project without the people who are building it and keeping it alive collectively.

To them and to any other we say: we are not going anywhere.
We will stay no matter what the outcome of your power games will be.
We will fight. And if you touch us, we will respond.

We stand together and in solidarity with all feminist struggles.
We stand together with all the women and queer individuals oppressed, raped, and discriminated against over and over again
We stand together with all of the women and queer individuals who are taking the streets all around the world to denounce patriarchal violence.

We stand united today, this 8th of march in the streets.
but we stand together and united also tomorrow. and the day after tomorrow. And the day after that.

because every day is a day of struggle.
and every day is a celebration of a struggle that many before us have done.
we are continuing that fight today and we will continue that fight always. everywhere.
Thank you.