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On the weekend of 7-10 June the DORFFEST festival will take place on the Dorfplatz and in the surrounding houses of Liebig and Rigaerstraße.

In order to spread our ideas of freedom, self-determination, solidarity, self-organization, collective life and struggle and to have a good time together we hope to gather on this weekend. It will be a street festival because we are convinced that our thoughts and discourses belong in the public space, because the neighbourhood is a part of our common striving
for freedom. You are welcome to bring your skills, thoughts and soli stands with you or to get in touch with the preparation group beforehand. During the weekend there will be the opportunity for information stands, workshops, discussions, skill-sharing, etc. on the streets but also in the rooms of Liebig34 and Rigaer94. (mehr…)

Infoevent: is canceled instead we show a movie about Sylvia Rivera30.05. 19:00 at Liebig34 Bar

Sylvia Rivera founded the transgendered movement. She organized the very first demonstration specifically for transgendered rights. She got „T“ added to LGBT.

Homeless boy prostitute at twelve, she struggled with drug addiction & alcoholism for much of her life but remained a trailblazer in the fight for social justice, especially transgender & human rights.

Ultimately, she overcame substance abuse, worked as manager of my art deco antique shop in Greenwich Village After years of volunteer work at the homeless kitchen/pantry of NYC’s MCC Church got full time employment there. She also entered the second long-term relationship during those years & commenced receiving international recognition for her pioneering work before dying suddenly at the age of 52 of liver cancer. Today, an organization called ‚The Sylvia Rivera Law Project“ continues the fight she commenced for fair treatment of transgendered people. (mehr…)

Liebig34 Kino

K.O. drops/Date rape drugs at Walpugisnight Party


On the 30th April at our Walpurgisnight party, one woman, and we believe others too, had her drink spiked and had to go to hospital. We are really shocked, upset and angry that a person violated our safer space in this way. Not only was this a violation, this was also a very dangerous act and could have resulted in worse injury. It is important to remember that whilst FLTI people tend to blame themselves for incidents such as these, it is never their fault, its always the fault of the perpetrator. Moving forward, we have already changed our awareness concept. We are also planning to have detection tests at future events, so please ask a member of the Awareness Team or at the bar if you feel unsure about your drink. However, we want to inform you of this incident to make you aware that even if we try our best, our space can never be as safe as we would hope. If anyone at the party felt uncomfortable or believe something happened to them, or have suggestions about how we can improve the safety of our events, please contact us. We are constantly learning how best to navigate our space through this oppressive society.

1 Mai Berlin – Gegen die Stadt der Reichen!


Ihr habt es wahrscheinlich alle schon häufig gelesen: Wir, das anarcha-queer-feministische
Hausprojekt, Liebig34, im Friedrichshainer Nordkiez ist seit dem 01.01.2019 akut
räumungsbedroht ( Die Räumungsklage gegen uns wurde
vom Eigentümer Padovicz schon eingereicht. Die Lage ist angespannt und unsere Zukunft
ungewiss. (mehr…)