Remember and fight cop violence! June 2 – an eventful day and eve of the Liebig 34 verdict!

On June 2, 1967, a cop brutally shot the student Benno Ohnesorg at close range in the back of the head without any cause. A combination of police, state and justice destroyed and manipulated evidence, protected the perpetrator and covered up his crime. The cop was acquitted despite evidence to the contrary, and the trial was not reopened years later despite new evidence. This was made possible by old Nazi structures in the police and judiciary. Despite a generational change, the right-wing structures and ideas are still firmly anchored in the police and state. The former President of Verfassungsschutz, Hans Georg Maaßen, and right-wing SEK policeman stole massive amounts of ammunition from their camps are only the tip of the iceberg of the right-wing reality of state power. The structural problem of right-wing collaborations among the cops is downplayed as individual cases, dismissed and protected by the cops‘ allegiance and official status.
There are numerous examples of escalating police violence: The most recent example is the shooting of the anti-fascist Maria in January in Berlin, as well as the unforgettably violent and legally unresolved death of Oury Jalloh in a prison cell in Dessau. Violence against demonstrators at Stuttgart 21 protests, at the G20 in Hamburg – this list goes on. In Rigear 94, an emergency medical service was prevented only last week, delayed for over 1 hour. A historical parallel – Benno Ohnesorg was also denied first aid.

The Berliner Verfassungsschutz has only just proved that it has no legitimacy and even less a serious interest in fighting right-wing structures – the „Kilma Protectors“ are classified as radical, while citizens of the Reich are not.
The Liebig 34 also appears in the report of the Verfassungsschutz – diffuse allegations are being made (and no, the L34 is not only home to cis-women, as opposed to what their supposedly investigative research suggests). Nor are feminist and queer political goals of the project mentioned. This has a long tradition – in the 60s and 70s there were militant feminists* who were often forgotten or left out in historiography. The struggle of resistance aganst the system, the state and the police apparatus has always meant the struggle against patriarchy.

„There are efforts in the left-wing extremist spectrum to join social movements,“ says Geisel. The fight against gentrification, environmental destruction, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, anti-racism, capitalism and the desire not to let people drown in the Mediterranean seem to be too extreme for the Berlin Senator of the Interior, and the left as a subject does not fit in with his agenda. With his failed report on the protection of the constitution, Geisel is trying to justify his policy.
In 2020, the Berlin Senate wants to clear a number of left-wing projects. To legitimise this, Rigaer and Liebigstraße is not only mentioned in the report on the protection of the constitution, but since 2016 it has been terrorised by the cops and declared to be a dangerzone.
Four years later it has only gotten worse: the so-called Brennpunkt- und Präsenzeinheit (BPE) has been deployed to the danger zones. This special unit consists of particularly violent cops, which has already been made bitterly clear by how they have treated some people on the street. These cops have volunteered to join this taskforce, meaning they are choosing to target alternative spaces that do not fit into their patriarchal, state-loyal world view.
Here in the neighborhood they have not only once shown how much they want to act violently against leftists, to besiege their front doors or to arbitrarily control personal data and give platzverbot.

The militant resistance that sprouted in Germany at the end of the 60s against the system, the state and the brutal police apparatus continues to this day. With the groups of the 2nd June Movement and the RAF, radical self-organization was on the rise and with it radical actions against the state and functionaries, which Germany criminalized as terrorism. Perhaps the nature of self-organization and the level of militancy has changed over times, but the aim towards the destruction of state, borders and the patriarchal system are still within us! We will continue self-organized and self-determined fights against institutional oppression, be it here in Berlin ,around our houses and rooms, be it in Greece with the protests in Athens, be it in Chile, where the population goes out into the streets to fight against the state.

The escalation of violence comes from the state! Same from 1967 to 2020. 50 years after the murder of Ohnesorg and the student protests, the Senator of Justice has since apologized for the brutal and arbitrary police action of that time. Of course this is not reparation.
If the eviction verdict against the Liebig 34 is issued on June 3 and the eviction is carried out, then surely no apology will help 50 years later…
So there could be no better date for the day before our court date – than June 2. With all projects and individuals threatened by eviction we show solidarity and unite in resistance!

Then as now, it is essential that we resist the state and repression!
Even if they put special units in front of our doors, this will not break our resistance and our will to live our utopia in self-designed free spaces!
They cannot get us all!
Unite and be creative.
The 1st May Alliance calls for action in solidarity with us on June 2nd!
Read the call here:

and so we end here with a poem by Berthold Brecht:

So you disappeared, but
bear in mind
Bludgeoned, but
Together with all the incorrigible
Fighting on
Unteachable on the truth