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brunch and freemarket in the yard

Liebig34 soliparty

liebig 34 soli party

Soli Dorfplatz Variete


Bring your friends, pass by to see the performances or join our open stage with your own busking skills! Be it juggling, magic – we welcome everything.

We start on Saturday, 01.07. in the afternoon with performances, games, kufa and xb drinks.

Lieb ick Liebig Fest! 12-14 May

Safer-space Tattoo Room in L34!


We are very happy to announce our newest project in the house – a tattoo space!

By opening a Tattoo Room in L34 we aim at breaking boundaries about mainstream tattoo environment by existing in a safe space free of sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. One of our main objectives is extending the work of experienced artists to all tattoo lovers from LGTBQI* community at affordable prices.

For more informations & appointments please get in touch via e-mail
tattoorooml34 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com