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Soli Dorfplatz Variete


Bring your friends, pass by to see the performances or join our open stage with your own busking skills! Be it juggling, magic – we welcome everything.

We start on Saturday, 01.07. in the afternoon with performances, games, kufa and xb drinks.

Safer-space Tattoo Room in L34!


We are very happy to announce our newest project in the house – a tattoo space!

By opening a Tattoo Room in L34 we aim at breaking boundaries about mainstream tattoo environment by existing in a safe space free of sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. One of our main objectives is extending the work of experienced artists to all tattoo lovers from LGTBQI* community at affordable prices.

For more informations & appointments please get in touch via e-mail
tattoorooml34 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

Liebig34 Soli Party

soli party 2016

Eviction of Rigaer 94 Kadterschmiede and workshop for refugees housing: cynical political attack, Statement from Liebig 34


This morning between 7:00 and 8:00 the cops went in to our neighbouring project Rigaer 94. Special forces again broke open their doors to enter the Cultural center/autonomous space of Kadterschmiede and the 94 workshop. They also entered the stairway and the attic. As far as we know, in a case that would be an exception for them, they stuck to their own rules and didn’t touch the flats. (However, they are still threatening to enter the flats and might in the future)


Beside the cops, there were more or less 15 construction site workers and several security guards whose employer is unknown who also entered Rigaer 94. Compared to last time, they didn’t empty the coal cellar but are about to steal the complete inventory of Kadterschmiede cultural center. Besides the mentioned projects, also the attic of the front house is affected. Several people used to live in the attic. Their living place got evicted, and the people themselves got put out on the street.

Statement from Hausverwaltung

The housing administration (Hausverwaltung) that manages 94 announced in a press release today that the ground floor (Erdgerschoss) would be converted into housing for refugees. It has been a part of our politics for a long time to build up structures to support refugees and to create a living space for them, including within our projects. The cops’ procedure this morning can only be regarded as an empty and cold strategic move. The Rigaer 94 collective already contains spaces in which refugees live by their own choice, the way they want to live. This autonomous space is being destroyed to create rooms which remove and disables the possibilities for autonomous lives of the people who are supposed to move in.The new living spaces will, in addition, be rented at the average renting price for Friedrichshain, which is around €15 per square meter.

Rigaer 94 is an autonomous space, in organised legitimate resistance against the system that created the refugee situation, a situation which they are now using as an excuse to eliminate our space. We will not stand down against these tactics. We are angry about what is going on in our neighbourhood. Today is Day X (Tag X). Go on the streets. Get creative.

- Read from the balcony of Liebig 34

Liebig painting open call!


We would like to invite all painters, street artists and other graphic art creators to get in touch with us to help us beautify our completely white hallway…

After a fire in the house in autumn, the hallway has been renovated and we were left with totally boring, way too clean and white hallway, which is just waiting for some brilliant artwork – and it could be yours!

This part of the house is also the entrance to the notorious XB bar, so it won‘t be only the habitants of L34 admiring your work ;)

We definitely prefer feminist, female / queer artists to participate and we will give priority to those, but we welcome any gender!


During the event, we will provide food, drinks and collect donations for your expenses (we can discuss all the details via e-mail). We would like it to be a public event, so people can watch you while you‘re painting. If you do any kind of performance / live painting, the better and more exciting!

We plan the event to take place in the first week of May, but if you can‘t make it then, there’s still the possibility to come other time, if you want to add your artwork to our entrance.

We have a lot of space here, which we would love to cover with something meaningfull and nice to look at. If you would like to participate, simply send us an e-mail with your idea or even ready project, informations what you need etc.

We‘re looking forward to hear from you!

Liebig34 Collective