About CosyColdKitchenTalks

We are missing an emotional and honest side in radical left discourse. How do people actually feel while fighting against repression? Which experiences are being made? Being political active does often mean to not show any feelings of weakness or softness. But we think especially from a feminist perspective it‘s important to allow those feelings to be and to share them. Showing vulnerability and talking openly about experiences and your feelings is not a sign of weakness, it‘s rather a sign of being strong and honest to yourself.

People (from in- and outside the community) sometimes forget, that behind all those strong symbolics, words and actions, there are people who also live their daily life and struggle with many things. That‘s why we want to open up this space and show a different side of activism. In a way more simple while sharing thoughts without having a poltical claim, but also in a way more complex while showing different feelings and experiences, you mostly don‘t hear of.