Liebig 34 Bar

Donnerstag, 22.11.2018

20:00 Küfa

20:30 Dokumentarfilm:Im inneren Kreis (2017, 86 MIN.)

Über verdeckte Ermittlerinnen in der linken Szene. Es erzählen überwachte Menschen aus dem Umfeld der „Roten Flora“ in Hamburg, junge Studierende aus Heidelberg und politisch und juristisch Verantwortliche kommen zu Wort.

V-Mann Gerrit Greimann in Göttingen enttarnt:

Queer Brunch in combative defense of Liebig 34!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, a queer feminist brunch will be offered
to anyone who wishes freedom from cooking on such days; and, above all,
a space for queer individuals to come over, read texts, exchange zines,
talk to one another, be silent, be loud and belligerent against a
possible eviction, hear some poetry, discuss some anarchist texts read
out loud or just hang around near the fire in quiet contemplation.
Saturday 10th of November. 12hs. All genders welcome.

solidarity with l34 from marburg

Liebig 34 Cinema / November Gender Identity and Queer Feminism

Sunday 11 / Gender Identity and Queer Feminism
Kufa 8pm / Film 9pm
‚Fighting gender identity‘, P. Preciado, 10min.
‚Laerte-se‘, L. Barbosa, 100min, 2017, (Brasil)
An insight into the life and career of Laerte, one of the most promising
cartoonists in Brazil as she comes out as transgender.

Sunday 18 / Gender identity and queer feminism
Kufa 8pm / Film 9pm
‚Behaviour creates gender‘, J. Butler, 3min.
‚Kiki‘, S. Jordeno, 96min, 2016, (USA)
An account of the drag and voguing scene of New York as it follows queer
and transgender people of color through the Ball culture scenes in New
York and with their daily lives.

Sunday 25 / Gender identity and queer feminism
Kufa 8pm / Film 9pm
‚Transgender life in jail and on the streets‘, 10min.
‚The life and death of Marsha P. Johnson‘, 105min, 2017 (Usa)
A chronicle of the life of transgender activist and prominent figure of
the Stonewall riots.


Sonntag 28.10
13:00 Friedel im Exil – Soli-Brunch in L34 Bar
17:00 Kiezversammlung im Jugendwiderstandsmusem, Friedrichshain

Montag 29.10.
20:00 Infoveranstaltung der Potse im Syndikat

Dienstag 30.10.
19:00 Kiezversammlung im SO36

Mittwoch 31.10.
20:00 Liebig34 Soliparty und Infoveranstaltung in der Kadterschmiede
21:00 Konzert mit Naileater (d-beat, Innsbruck) Gisela (hc-punk, Innsbruck) und Janösch (hc-punk, Innsbruck)

Donnerstag 1.11.
20:00 Syndikat & Meuterei goes Potse mit Kneipenquizz

Freitag 2.11.
15:30 Dia de los muertos/ Day of the dead in Brauni
20:30 Liebig34 goes Brauni
Infoveranstaltung über feministische Perspektiven auf das neue Deutsche Polizei Gesetz

Samstag 3.11.
15:00 Interkiezionale Rally in um und durch Berlin
21:00 Afterparty und Preisvergabe der Rally in der Meuterei

Sonntag 4.11.
13:00 Flohmarkt @ Brauni
20:00 L34 Bar Infoveranstaltung von Brauni und Großbeerenstraße 17a, Küfa und Film : ‚Sala Alberdi‘, M, 2016, 120min, (Argentina)
Students and teachers occupy for almost three years, a historic theatre
in Buenos Aires to defend it against State persecution over political
and free spaces. As the conflict escalates, a camp of 30 tents is set on
the square to continue workshops, plenums and prepare its defense.