Lieb ick Liebig Fest! 12-14 May

Safer-space Tattoo Room in L34!


We are very happy to announce our newest project in the house – a tattoo space!

By opening a Tattoo Room in L34 we aim at breaking boundaries about mainstream tattoo environment by existing in a safe space free of sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. One of our main objectives is extending the work of experienced artists to all tattoo lovers from LGTBQI* community at affordable prices.

For more informations & appointments please get in touch via e-mail
tattoorooml34 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

LADIY FEST Leipzig 18-21.05.2017

Ladiy Fest in Leipzig is back!

Check the website for more info and see you there!

Liebig34 Soli Party

soli party 2016

Pole dance classes in Liebig34!


„No-one really knows what their body is capable of.“

After teaching beginner and intermediate pole dancing classes in Chile for many years, our beloved Chilean theatre, dance and performance professional is opening a queer feminist pole dance workshop in Liebig34!

We intend to define body anarchy as an understanding of the body, its inherent kinetic possibilities outside of social norms and the usual knowledges we have about our bodies, both internal and external. We intend to break bodily conventions, taboos and blocks, amplify movement, free ourselves and let the rhythms of our daily lives move us. The body as field and weapon of battle.

This classes will focus therefore on empowering the body – for this, we have to know how to prepare ourselves; how to use weight, including our own; and how to utilize the intensity of space to reinforce our own discourse.

A re-imagining of pole dance is essential. This is a reappropriation of brute sensuality, in which we reclaim conventional patriarchal sensuality and the male gaze.

What: Pelvic unblocking, physical conditioning (with TRX), pole dancing techniques and various elements of theatre and dance exercises are some of the tools that will be used to train our bodies.

When: Schedule negotiable on an individual basis, for a total of 12 hours per month.

Where: Liebigstrasse 34, Berlin, Germany.

How: Classes are delivered one-on-one or to a pair, if you wish to come with a friend.

Language: English or Spanish !

For whom: This workshop is open to women, queers, intersex and trans folks.

How much?: We ask that you self-assess fairly and contribute to the workshop on the sliding scale. The proceeds from the workshop will go directly to a solidarity fund for members of our collective in financial need.

Get in touch, discuss the contribution, schedule, ask questions here:
mariaesbasura [ at ] or liebig34 [ at ] riseup [ dot ] net