If you would like to move into our house, please email us before.

There are some things you need to know and consider before meeting us –
detailed explanation you will receive in an email, below you can find
few very general points:

-it’s a political- queer-anarcha-feminist, DIY based, living project
-it’s a diverse community of people with different identities and
-We live whit out cis-man. (The term “cis” means that a person identifies with the gender assigned to them at birth. It is used to let the terms “trans” and “cis” coexist, without one being “normal” and the other not.)
-we pay rent
-In the house we communicate in few languages, our main language is
-we heating whit oven

To live in a poltical and selforganized project means a lot of work. We
have once in the week a plenum with all collective members. Everything
that gets broken in the house we need to fix by ourselves. Also we need
to do stuf like cutting wood…
To live in an house with a lot of people with different backgrounds,
gender identities and political ideas means to be all time in a process
to try to create a „safer space“

End of 2018 our renting contract is ending. We dont know what will
happen then, we only know we will fight for the house!

Please think before you contact us if you would like to and have enough
time and energy for this kind of project. We would only like people who
are politically active or interested, and who are up for reflecting
their privelages.

If you are still interested send us a mail to liebig34@riseup.net . You
should be able to tell us why you would like to live in this particular
project, what are your expectations from it, do you have experience
working in non-hierarchical groups, whats you connection to
queer-femenisem, etc.

Collective meeting (plenum) is open for guests every 1st and 3rd Tuesday
of a month at 19:00. Unless you are in an immediate need of a place to
stay, please stick to these dates.